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If you haven't noticed, I have added a new section to the sidebar. It contains free and legal mp3s of artists I like. If you have a band or know of any legal mp3s let me know.



I recently converted Project:ALF from a VHS to a DVD. I have the MPEG of it as well. Both the DVD and MPEG are commercial-free. If somebody wants it, I may be able to sell either a DVD or the MPEG file.

Super Mario 64 DS


Super Mario 64 DS takes the original game and adds more characters, more challenges, and mini-games.

Being one of the first games for the DS, the graphics are great. It is very smooth and isn't even comparable to any GBA game.

During regular gameplay the touch screen is used mainly as a map, but is used very well in the mini-games.

The sound is really good for the most part. It keeps the original music, but in one of the new levels the music is Sunshine-esque.

The four playable characters are Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario. The game starts out with the player playing as Yoshi. Yoshi then has to find and rescue Mario. The player then rescues Luigi and Wario. Whenever necessary, the game provides users with the ability to change into a different character.

One new challenge is finding keys to unlock mini-games. Other challenges are created to save the other characters. There are quite a few of the mini-games, and each character has his own set. Each game is worth playing.

Overall it is a great game, and an excellent start for a system with so much potential. So even if you have beaten the original, you should go out and buy this because it provides a totally new experience.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

A list of things I got:
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Starter Kit
Super Mario 64 DS
Binary People T-shirt
w00t! T-shirt
GEEK Hoody
ALF Boxers
ALF Posters
$50 worth of Gift Cards to Best Buy
60 mini bottles of Heinz Ketchup (Yes, 60 mini bottles of ketchup)

What did everyone else get?

Happy Decemberween


The Glitch


If you like thebroken but are yearning for more, check out The Glitch. Episode List.

Google Suggest


If you haven't tested it out yet,do it now. It is just like normal Google Search, but it finishes the word for you. Doesn't save much time, but it could help you choose which to pick because it gives you the number of results each item gets.



Direct from digg---

Digg is a technology news website that gives editorial control back to the community. Most technology websites allow users to suggest content by submitting links or stories to an editor. If the editor believes the story to be relevant to the masses, he or she moves the story to the homepage. With digg, users also submit links for review. But rather than allowing an editor to decide which links go on the homepage, the users do.

Windows 98 Time Zone Hack


I was messing around with the Registry Editor in Windows 98, and I found out that I could add/modify Time Zones. Keep in mind that this doesn't work on all versions of Windows, and most people won't see this.


To add Time Zones:
1. Run prompt
2. regedit
3. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Time Zones
4. Copy an existing location.
5. Create a new key and paste the information.
6. Change the name of the location.
7. Adjust the settings to your liking.
8. Keep asking yourself why you don't have a girlfriend as you set the time of Middle Earth.

Ancient Domain Names


The first 100 Dot Com domain names ever registered.

The first five:

Originally found at Digg

The Adventures of Wal-Mart and F***


Wal-Mart is being sued over one instance of a certain 4-letter word that starts with an F and ends with a K on a CD. I have actually bought CDs from Wal-Mart, and a few of them had the F-bomb on them. The Used, Atticus: Dragging The Lake I and II, and SR-71 - Tomorrow all contain the F-word. None of them have that little sticker in the corner that says Parental Advisory. So maybe I should be the one doing the suing.

What's That Song


If you consider yourself a music guru, then try out this really cool game. You type in the name of the band, and it gives you song clips and four possible choices. You then have to correctly guess the name of the song. So if you think you know everything about your favorite band, give it a shot.

Audio Karate - Nintendo 89




Another great Firefox extension. I've had it installed for quite a while, but didn't start using it until just recently. downTHEMall! allows the user to download all files from a website. You can filter out which filetypes you want. If you found a site with a bunch of videos, you could set it to download all the video files instead of clicking each individual one. Very handy.




Comic about how video games and arrows through the chest can cause problems. Extremely funny.

I love my NES


These are my 10 favorite NES games in no particular order. Now keep in mind that I haven't played every NES game ever made, but I have played quite a few. I will probably edit this list as time goes on.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3
2. Kirby's Adventure
3. Final Fantasy
4. Legend Of Zelda
5. Adventure Island
6. Metroid
7. Bump 'n' Jump
8. Elevator Action
9. Yoshi's Cookie
10. Yo! Noid.

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