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Am I the only person that thinks Napoleon Dynamite is the most overrated movie...ever?

8 Responses to “Idiots”

  1. Blogger Jon Langdon 

    There is no way you could possibly know that, gosh.

    --Jon Langdon
    Rex Kwan Dohing since 2001

  2. Blogger terrbear 

    I've heard quite a few people say that they didnt like it actually. I loved it though and it was my fav christmas present! lol

  3. Blogger Chris 

    I agree, the movie is wayy overrated.


  4. Blogger 1nf3c73Dm1nd 

    I agree with you Dillon. I'm incredibly sick of everyone quoting it and such. Completely overrated.

  5. Blogger Short 

    It has its funny parts but overall it isnt that great. Schindlers List- Great Movie

  6. Blogger ~Alyssa~ 

    I think it was a great movie until people started ruining it with saying quotes all the time!

  7. Blogger youwishyouknew 


  8. Blogger Adam 

    People need to stop taking themselves so seriously. It was a funny movie and made MTV even MORE rich since it cost next to nothing to make.

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